Digital technologies for improved performance in cognitive process industries: Four innovative approaches to this SPIRE PPP topic

The European Process Industry represents the economic roots of the European economy, bringing economic and social value by transforming raw materials into intermediate and end-user products. Our society needs them to address the current challenges in housing, transport, energy etc.

Having a high dependence on resources (energy, raw materials and water) and striving for long-term sustainability, the Process Industry has a clear and urgent need to improve efficiency and competitiveness.

The COGNIPLANT consortium, together with INEVITABLE, HyperCOG and COGNITWIN projects, was proud to hold a workshop on the 16th of December (9.00-11.30 AM CEST), to discuss general aims of the SPIRE call and common strategies among the projects. These projects aim to develop new technologies to implement cognitive production plants, with improved efficiency and sustainability, exploiting smart and networked sensor technologies, intelligent handling and online evaluation of various forms of data streams as well as new methods for self-organizing processes and process chains

Each project was presented and the session was concluded with a round table discussion. The webinar drew a total of 81 attendees and had a high level of engagement with its audience, allowing for questions to be asked of the speakers throughout and during the round table discussion. Among the outcomes, there is the certainty that this cooperation among project will lasts in the next years, growing with new contents and new projects. We hope you will stay in touch with us!

If you were unable to attend the webinar, or if you want to revisit questions and presentations, a full recording of the entire event is available here for you to watch and share at your pleasure.

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