At Logpickr, we are convinced that a deep introspection of data can reveal a lot on the underlying processes, in any sector: finance, logistics, industry, services, …

This is why we were thrilled to bring our unique piece of Process Mining software to the set of tools used in Cogniplant project.

It is a great opportunity to dive into different industries, use cases, available (or lack of) existing data, and to remind an essential information needed for Process Mining: the events and the associated steps of the related processes.

In the industry, Process often has a very specific meaning (chemical, physical, electrical or mechanical steps to aid in the manufacturing of items). We also remind that a Process can be defined as a sequence of steps, logical sequences identified by experts to manufacture such items.

This is where Process Mining can bring a lot to the plate, even in very repetitive and linear processes we can often find in industries: a global vision of the process, contributing to the digital twin of the real process, with the distribution of data along each step of the process.

COGNIPLANT project is also the opportunity for us to develop new modules, beyond mere audit of the existing: enhancing the existing data with process model, we can help finding root cause, predict expected evolution of existing process, highlight different interesting variants.

Let’s stay humble: some of the studied processes have been refined over years (even centuries) but contributing to improve by a few percent in energy consumption, scrap material or CO2 emissions would be a great success and will have impacts on industry processes.

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