Project objectives

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COGNIPLANT project will develop and demonstrate an innovative approach for the advanced digitization and intelligent management of the process industries. This approach will be based on a novel vision to data monitoring and analysis, that will make the most of the latest developments on advanced analytics and cognitive reasoning, coupled with a disruptive use of the Digital Twin concept to improve Production plants’ operation performance by up to 68% in real time control of the productive environment, 65% in quality control of the final products and 70 % in response time to uncontrolled incidents.The concept will be implemented by four end-users from four different SPIRE industries, one chemical industry in Austria, one aluminum refinery in Ireland, one lime manufacturing industry in Italy and one metal industry in Spain.

The COGNIPLANT solution will provide a hierarchical monitoring and supervisory control that will give a comprehensive vision of the plants’ production performance as well as the energy and resource consumption. Advanced data analytics will be applied to extract valuable information from the data collected about the processes and their effect on the production plant’s overall performance enabling to design and simulate operation plans in digital twin models based on the conclusions. As a result, optimal operation plans will be obtained that will improve the performance of those cognitive production plants. In addition, the project will demonstrate the positive impact derived from the implementation of COGNIPLANT solution that will allow industries reducing their CO2 emissions up to 20%.A training strategy will be designed to provide a comprehensive framework for the dissemination of the project outcomes and a clear understanding of the new solution for the employees of the SPIRE sectors.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 869931