ISPT Industry 4.0 cluster together with NL AI Coalition researches and fosters the application of digital technologies in the process industry (agriculture, food, plastics, paper, water and sewage treatment, …). The event. held on 13th November 2019 at the Institute for Sustainable Process Technology, Amersfoort, The Netherlands presented several already running and exemplary future projects in digital twinning and AI-based process control:

  • Industrial data spaces and data sharing across companies (AIDA),
  • Acceptance of AI by operators as well as management (SAAI),
  • Integrated sensor based process monitoring and advanced control (project INSPEC),
  • Predictive maintenance for energy reduction (project ERGO),
  • Partial least squares path modeling-based chemical process management to extend and optimize catalysts lifetimes through deep learning and gamification (Measurements4Management – recently started)

The goal of attending the event was raising awareness on the start of the COGNIPLANT project and identification of potential knowledge exchange and cooperation with the ISPT stakeholders. Contacts were established with senior level personnel of ISPT to bring COGNIPLANT to the attention of the ISPT communities through appropriate media channels.

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