Following a 2 year “social hiatus”, Cogniplant partners are meeting in the flesh again, and what better time and place for such a get-together than the Basque Country on May? The team had a great time and, in addition to sharing their insight and updates with one another, managed to find some leisure time along the streets of Bilbao, relishing the fine dining and friendly atmosphere.
Despite the many hardships overcome, project milestones are on-track and progressing steadily:

-Savvy’s cloud infrastructure keeps expanding to support the growing demands from data-hungry ML models and Digital Twins

-Security keeps being upgraded to keep up with ever novel threats, leveraging the brainpower and synergies developed during the project

-Industrial Partners begin to see the plethora of benefits, both economic and environmental, that will arise from the Cognitive Platform and will shape their business processes in the future.  

The next meetup for official review in Brussels is gearing to be another banger :^)

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