With 2022 drawing to an end, the COGNIPLANT solution begins to take shape and produce value for its various pilots. After a lovely and much-anticipated onsite GA review, where many technical and admin gaps were expedited, project End Users are now in the process of deploying the Cognitive Platform in a variety of fashions, showcasing the solution’s adaptability to a wide-array of constraints and requirements.

During onsite visits and tours of the various production plants, project developers were able to discuss directly with each of the End Users the optimal way for deployment; this turned out to be an invaluable exercise to gain first-hand knowledge about IIoT adoption in the process industry, and the main points of concern for their key players. For instance, while most of the deployments adhere to the on-cloud paradigm and leverage the complete Co-Digitize, Co-Analyze and Co-Decide tiers as per their initial inception, others have opted for a hybrid approach, implementing their own on-premise infrastructure to host the business-oriented layers, or all of them. Case in point, FORNACI and HERMES favor a fully on-cloud platform, hosted and managed by Savvy for all layers: Co-Digitize w/ Datalake & API, Co-Analyze and Co-Decide on dedicated servers; on the other hand, ACVA and AAL host their own server infrastructure for Co-Analyze and Co-Decide, with AAL bypassing the Datalake completely – in its stead, a ‘data ingestion service’ has been built, based on all the experience and knowledge gained during implementation of WP2 and WP3.

Going forward, all project partners will keep refining and tuning each of their deployments, aided by the expanded cloud environment and tools that Savvy continues to provision.

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