As an initial step to understand COGNIPLANT platform position in the growing industrial technology market, we need to acknowledge the current market dynamics and potential, identify trends that may have a positive impact on the project’s exploitation activities and assess the external environment to monitor and adapt to these external factors.

CORE IC analyzed in depth the four target markets based on the project use cases (aluminum, steel, chemical, lime) and the technological market segments that best fit to COGNIPLANT technological and technical developments. Also, the market analysis has been expanded to include industries with the prospect of replication due to similar customer needs and characteristics, namely pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals and bulk chemicals. In addition, the PESTLE strategic tool has been deployed, to evaluate the external factors that may impact COGNIPLANT advancements in the four target segments, more specifically Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental factors along with black swan events have been explored.

Moreover, barriers and growth drivers have been examined that may either hinder the plan for COGNIPLANT market uptake or accelerate the market penetration. In a nutshell, COGNIPLANT contribution towards reduced consumption of energy and materials, aligns with the general industry shift that we see, to technologies that support reduction of input into the manufacturing process and also the contribution to lower CO2 emissions, follows the shift towards cleaner and more efficient production processes, on the road to achieve Europe’s ambitious climate targets and support the sustainable manufacturing agenda. On the other hand, we observe that end users are reluctant to provide access to sensitive production data, concerned about their data safety and privacy and the far-reaching implications of cyber-attacks, in addition to the fear of inconsistent integrations slowing on a wider scale the technology adoption in the industry.

Overall, COGNIPLANT solution has been developed to resolve critical industry pains with COGNIPLANT end-users acting as customers and technology providers leveraging the knowledge to a develop a platform with a value driven approach to deliver a digital solution that enhance all aspects of the manufacturing performance and eventually improve the sustainability and competitiveness of the industry, which is essential especially in this period of economic turbulence and crisis. CORE IC’s work in the last part of the project is to finalize and formulate a clear exploitation strategy enabling the market take-up and leveraging the favourable market conditions to achieve rapid business growth of COGNIPLANT ensuring financial viability.

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