Despite the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the team of the Technical University of Munich (TUM) is working in close cooperation with […]
CORE’s first task was to carefully analyse COGNIPLANT’s target industries i.e. Aluminium, Steel, Chemicals and Lime. Aluminium industry: In 2019, there […]
Ingeteam has become part of an extensive consortium of organisations which, within  the framework of the H2020 Programme (developed by […]
Savvy Data System is specialized in advanced monitoring and Big Data services, with the aim to technologically push the Industry […]
On 18th of  January Hermes Abrasive invited for a workshop to define the next steps towards a live data export […]
At Logpickr, we are convinced that a deep introspection of data can reveal a lot on the underlying processes, in […]
Digital technologies for improved performance in cognitive process industries: Four innovative approaches to this SPIRE PPP topic The European Process […]
IDEKO is a research centre focused on generation, engagement and development of new technologies able to tackle current and future […]
The European Process Industry represents the economic roots of the European economy, bringing economic and social value by transforming raw […]
We are glad to announce that on the 26th of November Stefano Ellero, Manager of the Industrial Automation & Robotics […]