We are glad to announce that on the 26th of November Stefano Ellero, Manager of the Industrial Automation & Robotics Area at STAM S.r.l., will present the #COGNIPLANT project at the Digital Energy Data Management on-line event organized by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI).

This event will focus on the latest research in advanced digitalisation, identify opportunities for large industry to engage with intelligent energy management and showcase software solutions for digitising energy management within facilities.

The event will provide insights, case studies and possible solutions to further enhance energy efficiency through the application of intelligence. It will also explore the challenges associated with siloed energy data and system integration. The content and structure of the event will provide insight into live Horizon 2020 advanced technology projects, market leading expertise from energy data management suppliers and the Irish Manufacturing Research (IMR) agency.
In addition, this event offers participants the opportunity to shape SEAI’s provision of energy data management supports and the potential for a special working group will be discussed during the event.

This event is open to all LIEN members with an interest in energy data management and who wish to advance their knowledge on this topic.

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