Despite the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the team of the Technical University of Munich (TUM) is working in close cooperation with all partners of the COGNIPLANT consortium. Together with IDEKO, they are responsible for a proper communication between industrial and research partners. On the one hand, TUM collects information from all industrial partners and provides the research partners with the necessary expert knowledge. Due to travel restrictions, TUM is currently not allowed to visit the industrial partners, so the information has to be collected by digital means. On the other hand, TUM supports the model developers with any questions and requests regarding the industrial processes. With this role of TUM in the project, COGNIPLANT benefits from TUM’s knowledge of process technology, process modelling and production management. In the coming months, TUM will identify and implement innovative use cases of data analytics at the industrial partners. Thus, TUM is providing components for the cognitive factory of the future.

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