CORE’s first task was to carefully analyse COGNIPLANT’s target industries i.e. Aluminium, Steel, Chemicals and Lime.

Aluminium industry: In 2019, there were +600 plants in Europe, incl. alumina, metal supply (primary and recycling) and semis production (i.e. extrusion presses, rolling mills), which recorded annual revenues of €40 billion.

Steel industry: The EU steel industry has 500 production sites across EU-28, and in 2019 the sector generated a turnover of €170 billion.

Chemical industry: COGNIPLANT primarily targets the European abrasives industry which is export-oriented exporting 35% of its’ annual production outside Europe.

Lime industry: The European lime industry represents an estimated €4.2 billion turnover and €1.4 billion in value added.

Understanding in depth COGNIPLANT end users for each target industry was the next main task. CORE identified their main needs and pain points, and structured t the most suitable value proposition that COGNIPLANT could offer them.

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