We are beginning the second half of the project!

After few complicated months caused by COVID19 and the impact it had on our industrial partners, causing difficulties and delays in production, sales, lockdowns of facilities etc., this second half of the project begins with almost all the digitisation done in terms of data collection, processing and cybersecure storage.
On this solid base, Ibermatica, together with the rest of the technological partners, is starting to collect the first results from the data analysis models, which will help us both to comply with the KPIs set in the project, and to make our partners more competitive and help them to face the last blows that COVID19 is having on the economy. Ibermatica will soon begin to lead the design and development of our digital twin proposal, which will allow us not only to optimise isolated processes, but also to provide more comprehensive solutions that are better suited for optimisation needs of our partners in the first instance, and of the industrial process sector afterwards.
In the medium term, these new tools will become part of Ibermatica’s portfolio of solutions for one of its main markets, Industry 4.0.

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