Hermes Abrasives is a proud project partner as a demo case for the chemical industry. At the current project phase the main activity is to bring the data analytics expertise and the Hermes process expertise together. For useful data models several requirements are necessary. One is a solid database and a continuous data stream to the Cogniplant platform. Over the last month we achieved this continuous data streams to the platform supported by a solid database. A second requirement is to understand the production process and to have a deep understanding what the different process parameter represent. In our pandemic situation it is a big challenge for all involved project partners to ensure this so mandatory knowledge. In normal times we would have met several times in the production on the shop floor and would have easily been able to understand the production process and its parameters as well as to evaluate them directly. Nowadays this is lot more complex and stretches the project partners to the limit. With good prepared online meetings we were able to cover this issues in a way that we have enough understanding about the complex production process and its parameters. The effort to get there was in fact much higher than if could have met physically. But it was worth it.

Now that the process knowledge is shared within the project partners good data models have been developed and we are able to find interesting correlations. At the moment the main tasks are to evaluate the correlations and to enhance them with process expertise. This is a very interesting and challenging projects phase with a lot of communication, interaction and questioning. The target of this phase is to evaluate if the process knowledge can be confirmed by data analytics or if we even can generate new knowledge.

During the next month we will focus on that issues and evaluate if the existing data is enough to answer our questions or if we have to extend? If you are as curious as we are please stay tuned.

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