On 18th of  January Hermes Abrasive invited for a workshop to define the next steps towards a live data export to the Cogniplant platform. The workshop was performed in Microsoft Teams.

From Hermes several IT experts, a Quality management expert, an expert for PLC’s and a production manager participated the workshop with project partners from Savvy, Ingeteam, Technical university of Munich. With this multifunctional setup it was possible to align the project targets and the usage of process data for optimizing the production process. There were very interesting and open minded discussions about  ensuring network safety, communication protocols, interfaces and frequency of the data as well as  specific quality requirements on the provided data. During the workshop some points popped up that has to be clarified at Hermes in detail to make sure data from different data sources is correctly provided to the platform and that the safety aspects of the different systems are considered. Therefore there is a good support of the project partners. In the following weeks Hermes will define a robust plan how to ensure the data quality and live export to the Cogniplant platform. The evaluation of the Hermes concept will be evaluated by the project team in the next workshop. After the successful evaluation the live data export to the Cogniplant platform will go live.

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