Savvy Data System is specialized in advanced monitoring and Big Data services, with the aim to technologically push the Industry 4.0 strategy and developments of its customers. Its role in Cogniplant is to set up a real time cloud-based data system platform to gather the information originated from the process plant.

As planned, Savvy has provided the project with a data capture solution, Savvy Smart Box. This data has been collected and processed in Savvy DataLake which has been provided to the project partners via API for further analysis. Beyond the initial scope, Savvy also provides the cloud infrastructure in which cutting-edge Machine Learning and Digital Twin utilities are being developed for valuable insights and process optimization.

Besides the fact that COVID-19 has made 2020 a tough year to work with international partners, Savvy has been able to make progress by coordinating with end users and model developers. In next steps, more data will be gathered and sent to Cogniplant partners which will lead to a better understanding of end users’ operations and performance.

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