Ingeteam has become part of an extensive consortium of organisations which, within  the framework of the H2020 Programme (developed by the European Commission, for financing research and innovation projects), is developing the Cogniplant project with a budget of over 8.5 million euros.  This will result in the creation of a cognitive platform for improving the throughput and sustainability of European industrial processes.

The Cogniplant project develops an innovative approach to the advanced digitalisation and smart management of industrial processes using a new approximation based on data analysis and monitoring tools.

The aim of the project is to advance towards a real Industry 4.0. Thanks to the new solutions being tested, improvement ratios of up to 68% will be achieved in controlling the production environment in realtime; 65% in the quality control of finished products, and 70% in the response time in the event of unforeseen or uncontrolled incidents.

Ingeteam is working on the concept of a new IOT embedded device which responds to the paradigms of INDUSTRY 4.0: Edge processing using model-based design, new communication protocols and distributed I/Os which enable data to be acquired in real time and managed strictly in real time and high-performance digital processing based on shared processing between a microprocessor and FPGA.

The Cogniplant solution will provide hierarchical monitoring and control in terms of supervising operations to obtain an overall view of both the production throughput of each of the plants and energy consumption and resources.

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